Field development strategy, definition
and value optimization



Achieving a reliable, auditable and timely estimate of oilfield development cost, risk and economics is a daunting task.

Multiple concepts, options, technologies and layouts can lead to a potential 'combinatorial explosion' of information.

A multidisciplinary team, working against tight deadlines, on fast evolving designs, runs the risk of misdirected effort, information overload and uncertainty.

Integrating data from diverse disciplines, each with its own culture, into a consistent body of decision support data is a real challenge.

The challenges are addressed by the FRONTFIELD TM methodology.

The FRONTFIELD TM methodology enables an integrated project team to arrive at an optimum field development plan, taking into consideration cost, risk and economics.

The client team benefits from clear, timely, decision-support information on which to base economic assessments.

Managers of pre-sanction projects have the metrics needed to monitor progress, direct effort and manage uncertainty.

The project team remains confident that the body of underlying project data is consistent, well ordered, transparent and fully auditable.


  • Rigorous costing methodology

  • Team-working framework for multi-disciplinary teams of engineers and specialists.

  • Advanced information techniques for data collection, analysis and reporting.


  • Reliable, auditable and timely decision support information.

  • Optimisation of field concept, layout, configuration and phasing.

  • Risk assessment and opportunity identification

  •  Understanding of field development economics

  • Reduced time and effort to perform pre-sanction projects.

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